Shoe Cover Machine


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When you get home or your guests go to your house, you may be worried about the floor will be dirty? Don't worry. This shoe cover machine will solve this problem.

*No Power Needed: With a mechanical spring, when you step inside the center of the box, it automatically releases a bootie around your shoe. And it avoids the embarrassment of dirty your floor.
*No Bending Down: Your guests or visitors can cover their shoes without a struggle. When they go into the house, they can change their shoes easily. And it will show your elegance.
*Main Material: The shoe cover dispenser is mainly made of plastic and carbon brazing, which is durable and convenient for long time use. 
*Perfect For Many Occasions: No matter in your home or in your office, even in the party, you don't need to have shoe covers available for workers and guests and don't need to clean the floor at all, shoe cover dispenser makes your floor always clean and neat. This will greatly facilitate your life. Besides, it won't waste your space. You can place it on the corner of your door.
*After Service: Any problem, contact us, it's our honor to serve you.

Item Name: Shoe Cover Machine
Main Material: Plastic and Carbon Brazing
Size: 42*22*13.5cm
Color(optional): Champagne Gold/Silvery
Product Capacity: 40 pieces
Product Form: Type T

Package Information:
Package Size: 47*16*25cm
Package Weight: 2000g