SNDWAY 3~1000M High Precision Laser Distance Meter 6X Magnification Outdoor Digital Golf Telescope Laser Ruler Handheld Golf Rangefinder with Golf Trajectory Compensation Flag Pole Lock Function


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This outdoor rangefinder features 6X magnification, allowing you to view distant scenery with superior clarity and brightness. With the characteristics of high accuracy, fast measurement, low power consumption and automatic shut-down, this laser distance meter can meet complex measurement needs for both construction and sport fields with 4 usage modes.

[Compact Structure] Proper size and light weight, portable and convenient to use and carry.
[Quality Housing] Anti skid & water resistance & comfortable grip & long service life.
[Excellent Performance] Quick measurement & high accuracy & low power consumption & noiseless operation.
[Class 1 Infrared Laser] Safe to eyes, supporting long distance (max. 500m / 700m / 1000m optional) and fast measurement. 
[905nm Laser Wavelength] Low power consumption, strong anti-interference.
[Green Film] Add a layer of green film, reducing light reflection and increasing light input to increase light transmittance and then achieve a clearer vision.
[Rotate Focus] Diopter adjustable range ±6°. Rotating to adjust the focus to achieve clear vision so that you don' t need to wear glasses.
[Flag Pole Lock Function] Flag acquisition technology makes it effortless to lock on to the flag. After the target is locked, it will vibrate twice.
[Golf Trajectory Compensation] Calculate the actual driving distance according to the angle. Compensation distance, actual distance and compensation value show on the display.
[4 Usage Modes] Straight line distance measurement (single & continuous measurement), flag pole locking measurement, golf compensation measurement and distance measurement (relative vertical & horizontal distance), meeting complex measurement needs especially in construction.
[Built-in Li-ion Battery] Powered by a 3.7V 750mAh rechargeable lithium battery, low power consumption & long service life.
[Automatic Shutdown] If there is no operation within 20 seconds, the device will automatically power off.
[Wide Applications] Used for both construction and sport fields, which is applicable to electric equipment installation, highway, forestry, construction, network design, hunting, golf and so on.

Model: SW-M500 / SW-M700 / SW-M1000 (Optional)
Material: ABS
Color: White & Black
Power Supply: 1 * built-in 3.7 750mAh Li-ion battery
Battery Working Time: 20,000 measurements (after fully charged)
Battery Life: 500 times of charging / discharging
USB Interface: USB Type-C
Measuring Range: 3~500m / 3~700m / 3~1000m, ±(1.0m+D×0.2%) (Optional)
Unit: m(Meter), Y(Yard)
Reaction Time: <0.5s (<120M, 64ms; ≥120M, 460ms)
Telescope Magnification: 6X±5%
Field of View: 7.0°±5%
Objective Aperture: 19mm
Eyepiece Aperture: 15mm
Pupil Diameter: 3.7mm
Visual Adjustment Range: ±6° diopter
Laser Class: Class 1
Laser Wavelength: 905nm
Protection Grade: IP54
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃
Height Measurement Function: √
Slope Measurement Function: √
Item Size: Approx. 10.5*6.5*3.8cm / 4.13*2.56*1.5in
Item Weight: Approx. 114g / 4.02oz
Package Size: Approx. 15.3*8.6*6.8cm / 6.02*3.39*2.68in
Package Weight: Approx. 247g / 8.71oz

Please read the Users Manual before use.
The maximum measuring range of the device depends on the target reflectivity, colour, surface finish, size and actual shape.

Packing List:
1 * Range Finder
1 * USB Type-C Cable
1 * Hand Strap
1 * Cloth Bag
1 * Users Manual (English)