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Physical method to stop snoring, no harm to human body, but also can correct the mouth breathing, prevents irregular teeth.

It is made of food-grade silicone. It is s-afe and no harm to human body.
Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear.
Made of soft silicone, which will not damage the soft tissues of the mouth and is not easily deformed after long-term use.
Multi-scenario applications, bedrooms, offices, dormitories, airplanes, cars, etc. Do not worry about you will affect others when sleep.
Before and after use, it can be disinfected with a-lcohol or boiling water.

Color: white, black
Material: silicone+ABS
Item size: 66 * 45 * 16mm / 2.6 * 1.8 * 0.6in
Item weight: 13g / 0.5ounce
Package size: 80 * 69 * 26mm / 3.1 * 2.7 * 1.0in
Package weight: 37g / 1.3ounce

Packing List:
1 * Snore Stopper