Solar Intelligent Security LED Induction Light Body Induction+Light Control White Light/Warm Glow


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The solar panel is automatically charged during the day, and the flame mode automatically flickers when it is dark or the
light is on time at night. When someone approaches, the white light lighting mode is activated, and the flame decoration mode is automatically restored after the person leaves 30 seconds.

When someone passes by, white light. No one passd through the flames.
Solar powered, no wires needed, just put it under the sunshine to absorb the solar energy in day, then the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into light electricity in dark.
IP 65 waterproof, heavy durability for all weather resistent.
Its flame light design makes it perfect for decorative light in garden, pathway and patio, full of dynamic.
This product does not need wiring, no installation, can be placed under the sun, such as lawn, balcony, pool, let yourenvironment full of elegant artistic
conception, let your visitors feel warm and comfortable. 

Waterproof: IP65 
Sensoring Distance: 3-M 
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon, 0.88W
LED Span Life: 50,000Hrs
Lighting Mode: White light sensor+flame flicker
Protection Function: Over charging, overdischarging, over currrent, short circuit
Light Source: White+Flame 21PCS 2835+66LED
Battery: 18650, 2200mah
Package Weight: 342g/12.1oz
Package Size: 180*155*87mm/7.1*6.1*3.4in

Packing List:
1*User Manual
1*Key Pin
1*Expansion Pillar-hinge