Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Outdoor Waterproof Powered Vole Gopher Snake Rodent Pest Repeller


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Style Design Includes One LED Light For Use Also As Solar Garden Light. Solar Uses The Highest Quality High Efficiency Polycrystalline Silicon Panels, Full Capacity Battery, IP65 Rating, Waterproof, Dust Tight
We Only Develop Green, Recyclable and Energy-Economical Products. Our Repellers Use Sound Wave Pulses to Deter Burrowing Pests Safely and Humanely So You Can Feel Good About Your Choice. Each Repeller Covers a Range of 3500sq. ft
After an 8 hours,Charge Your Stake Is Ready To Start Protecting Your Lawn and Garden
The rat repellent deteriorates the living environment of rats, reduces the activity and reproduction ability, and makes them degenerate to extinction naturally! The device can also drive away moles, snakes, ants, and harmful organisms

Material: ABS
Light source; 1 RGB LED
IP level: IP55
Material of lamp body: ABS
Solar panel: 3V / 80mA monocrystalline silicon
Rechargeable battery: 1.2 V / 600 MAH Ni MH battery
Shape: Diamond
Working hours: 7-9 hours
Frequency: 400 Hz ± 50 Hz
Switch: on-off
Uses: farm, garden, lawn, park
Package size:28*7.6CM 
Package weight:249G

Packing list:
1*Solar Mole Repellent