Spring Rear Shock Absorber with 2 System Adjustments for Downhill MTB Bike Electric Scooter


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This spring shock absorber is the perfect enhancement to any value.It will greatly improve the driving, handling and safety of your bikes.

Relieves the impact of the road surface,quickly absorbs the vibration generated by the bumps,and restores the bikes to smoother cycling state.
Gives you smoother cycling and better amping management.
2 system adjustments:Rebound & Preload.
Premium aluminum alloy body and steel coil spring.
Commonly used on downhill bicycles,mountain bikes and electric scooters.

Length(eye to eye): 125mm / 150mm / 165mm / 190mm (optional)
Material: Aluminum alloy + Steel

(eye to eye)
125mm 150mm 165mm 190mm
Spring Rate 550lbs 650lbs 650lbs 650lbs
Storke Length 18mm 30mm 38mm 50mm
Spring Length 57mm 82mm 93mm 115mm
Spring Outer Diameter 46mm 46mm 46mm 46mm
Installation Aperture 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm
Top/Bottom Bushing Length 24mm 24mm 24mm 24mm
Weight 356g 478g 506g 664g

Package List:
1* Spring Shock Absorber
4* Screw