SQ-D60B Electric Soldering Iron 60W Soldering Pen Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool


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Lightweight design, easy to install and use, easy to remove and store, comfortable control handle, high-efficiency heating end, simple control interface. It is a favorite tool for electronic engineers and electronic maintenance enthusiasts.

*The operation is simple and easy, the temperature rises quickly and stably, and the small body is full of simplicity and luxury. It is an essential welding tool for electronic players.
* The circuit design is stable and safe. The built-in STM32 processor, dual temperature sensor, and motion sensor are the perfect combination to make SQ-D60 freely switch between various temperature ranges.
*Wake-up, over-temperature, and high-pressure alarm, etc., truly realize intelligent constant temperature electric iron.
*Lightweight design, easy to remove and store, comfortable control handle, high-efficiency heating end, simple control interface, it is a portable intelligent constant temperature electric soldering iron.
*If there are any problems, please contact our store in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

Model: SQ-D60B
Operating voltage: DC 12-24V
Power: 17-60W
Power port: XT60
Welding nozzle earth impedance:<2Ω
Welding nozzle earth voltage:<2mv

Temperature range: 100-400 ℃ (Adjustable)
Display screen: Digital tube
Sleep time: 1-30min(adjustable)
temperature unit: ℃
Factory temperature: 300℃
Temperature compensation: ±50℃(adjustable)
Szie: 19.5*1.5cm

Safety instructions:
Please use proper power supply and accessories to ensure safe use.
Before replacing the soldering iron head, you must cut off the power.
Do not touch the tip of the soldering iron after the temperature has risen to avoid burns.
The electric soldering iron is used for the first time. It may be slightly smoked due to the heating of the heating element. This is normal.

Package Information:
Package size: 14.5*9.5*3.5cm
Package weight: 149g
Gift Box Package

Packing List:
1* Electric soldering iron( (Default TS-K tip)
1* Conversion line
1* Manual
1* Hex wrench
1* XT60 power cord
1* Soldering iron stand