Sticky Traps for Flying Plant Insect Fungus Gnats 20pcs 20*10cm


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Waterproof and high temperature resistant, strong long-term glue, convenient and durable.
Physical spectral attractiveness, It can effectively control the number of aphids, leaf miner, fungus gnats, thrips and other flying plant insects.
Available on both sides, more economical, widely used tea garden, orchard, greenhouse, vegetable field, etc.
It can be cut into any shape according to your preferences and needs.
If there are any problems, please contact our store in time.

Name: Sticky Trap
Main Material: PP, Glue
Color Optional: Yellow, Blue
Size Optional: 20*10cm; 20*15cm; 20*25cm

There is no adverse effect on bees.
Please allow 1-3mm differences due to manual measurement.
Due to the different displays and different lights, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Information:
Package Size: 20*10cm: 20.2*10.2*0.7cm; 20*15cm: 20.2*15.2*0.7cm; 20*25cm: 20.2*25.2*0.7cm
Package Weight: 20*10cm: 750g; 20*15cm: 1100g; 20*25cm: 1850g
Plastic Package

Packing List:
20* Sticky Trap
1* Some Hanging Wire