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The bicycle bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is widely compatible and easy to use. The speed meter can be fixed in front of the bicycle handle to optimize the viewing effect.

The utility model can extend the mounting frame of the stopwatch , which makes the speed meter more convenient to observe and does not affect the driving.
Some small cameras can be installed to record the riding process, improve riding experience.
Aluminum alloy material, wear resistance, high strength, not easy to rust, long service life.
It is easy to install and operate.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry and store.

Material: aluminum alloy+plastics
Color: black, red, blue, gold, silver (optional)
Item size: 80 * 42mm / 3.1 * 1.7in
Item weight: 57g / 2.0ounce
Package size: 100 * 30 * 30mm / 3.9 * 1.2 * 1.2in
Package weight: 65g / 2.3ounce

Packing List:
1 * Stopwatch Extension Rack Set