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Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

Easy to use and convenient.
Chamfered cutters make tapered plugs to fill countersunk holes.
Easy to make perfect plugs for counterbored holes with high carbon steel material.
Standard cutters drill bits to eliminate imperfections in wood.
Can be used with bench drill, hand drill and other professional bench drilling machine.
Very helpful for wood plug cutting, dowel maker, make countersink bored holes.

Color: black
Item size: 160 * 60 mm, 130 * 60 mm, 100 * 60mm, 60 * 60mm
Package size: 100 * 60 mm
Package weight: 100 g

Rotate speed should not be too high.

Package list:
4 * Wood Plug Hole Cutter Drill Bit