Telephone Wire Tracker Electrical Line Finding Testing Cable Tester Handheld Line Finder Cable Detector Wire Measuring Instrument for Network Maintenance Collation For RJ45 RJ11 BNC Metal Cable PING/POE


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This tester is a multi-functional wire tracker, including cable emitter and receiver. It has functions like telephone wire tracking, network wire tracking, power cable tracking, network wire check, etc. and it produces fast and accurate measurements. It is a necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, wiring engineering and network maintenance person.

New design of digital signal with strong interference and no noise, easy & convenient to operate.
TDR theory to measure cable length and provide distance to fault information.
Provides full cable testing on different category network, coaxial, or telephone cable.
Tone trace cable with complete AC Interference Rejection, much easier than other tracers on markets.
With PING & POE testing and calibration functions.
Big LCD color screen for easy reading.
With NCV non-contact induction pen function.
50 groups of data records storage and data transmission function.
Low battery indication and auto power off function, rechargeable lithium battery for more efficient work.

Material: ABS
Display: 2.8 inch LCD color screen(effective visible area 60x45mm)
Cable Types: STP/UTP cat5e, cat6, cat6a, cat7 network cable, telephone cable, coaxial cable and common metal wires connected with alligator clip.
Testing Device Interface: Main unit: RJ45(M), RJ45(S), POE/PING, RJ11, BNC ports. Remote identifier: RJ45, RJ11, BNC ports
Range: 1~1500m
Calibration precision: 2%(±0.5m or ±1.5feet); (calibration cable>50m)
Measurement Precision: 3%(±0.5m or ±1.5feet)
Display Unit: Meter, Foot, Yards
Working Temperature: -10~+60℃
Working Humidity: 20%~70%
Built-in Lithium Battery: Emitter: 1 * 3.7V 1800mAh; Receiver: 1 * 3.7V 1800mAh
Emitter Size: Approx. 17.3 * 9.2 * 3.4cm / 6.81 * 3.62 * 1.34in
Receiver Size: Approx. 18.3 * 5.8 * 3.5cm / 7.2 * 2.28 * 1.38in
Adapter Size: Approx. 10.6 * 3.2 * 3.0cm / 4.17 * 1.26 * 1.18in
Emitter Weight: Approx. 207g / 7.32oz  
Receiver Weight: Approx. 120g / 4.24oz
Adapter Weight: Approx. 37g / 1.32oz
Package Weight: Approx. 776g / 28.38oz
Package Size: Approx. 27.2 * 20 * 9.3cm / 10.7 * 7.9 * 3.7in

Package List:
1 * Emitter
1 * Receiver
1 * RJ11 Cable
1 * RJ45 Cable
1 * Crocodile Clip Test Line
1 * Remote Adapter
1 * USB Cable
1 * USB Adapter
1 * TF Memory Card   
1 * Carry Bag
1 * User Manual (English)