Thermaltake Mercury S400 RGB CPU Cooler PWM Snap-on Fan 4 Direct Contact Heatpipes Through Fin Technology Multi-platforms


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This RGB CPU Cooler is designed with 4 direct contact heatpipes, plus through fin technology, offering great thermal performance. Besides, the rotating speed of fan will change according to the temperature of CPU, consuming lower power. And it is compatible with multi-platforms.  


The speed of fan will change according to the temperature of CPU to reduce noise and power consumption.

Easy to Install
The fan adopts buckle installation, easy to install and remove. And with 4 pads applied on feet of the fan, it is anti-vibration.

4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes
With 4 stripes of pure copper heat pipes direct contact with CPU, it improves heat-dissipating performance.

Through Fin Technology
The heat pipes are designed to pass though aluminium fins, increasing their contacting area, thus improving heat-dissipating efficiency.

Wide Compatibility
It is compatible with Intel LGA 775, 115X, 1136, 1200(Core i3/i5/i9 CPU) and AMD AM4, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2.

Brand: Thermaltake
Model: Mecury S400 RGB
Material: PC, Aluminium, Copper
Noise level: 36dBA(MAX)
CFM: 55
Interface: 4Pin
Cooling method: Air cooling
Rated voltage: 12V
Number of aluminium fins: 44
Number of heat pipes: 4
Power: 150W
Fan size: 120* 120* 25mm/ 4.72* 4.72* 0.98in
Radiator size: 122* 58* 50mm/ 4.8* 2.28* 1.97in
Item size: 158* 127* 75mm/ 6.22* 5* 2.95in
Package size: 158* 127* 120mm/ 6.22* 5* 4.72in
Package weight: 680g/ 23.99oz

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1 * CPU Cooler