TIANXUN Outdoor Children Metal Detector Height Adjustable 6.8-inch Waterproof Search Coil Mini Lightweight Metal Finder Treasure Hunter Gold Seeker for Kids Students Interesting DIY Yard Beach Toy


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Features of lightweight mini portable size, the interesting little metal detector is excellent for your kids to find buried metal objects at yard, grassland, or beach.

Mini & Lightweight, Easy Operation: easy for one handed operation, keep the search coil parallel and close to the ground, then sweep it from side to side in slow, overlapping lapping motions. Foldable search coil is convenient for carrying around and storage.
Adjustable Height for Comfortable Using: the stem of the metal detector can be stretched between 20.08~31.10in for children of different ages and heights.
Target Identify & 3-tone Audio: the detector can distinguish between three categories of metal targets: ferrous, non-ferrous low conductor, and non-ferrous high conductor. And depending on the type of metal detected, the detector emits a low, medium, or high tone for conveniently distinguish.
Low Battery Indicator: low battery icon will illuminate when battery power reaches a low condition.
Overload Warning: if a large metal object or highly magnetic soil is too close to the search coil, the overload icon will blink to remind you to remove the detector.
Depth Indicator: coin-sized objects can be detected up to 4 inches (10cm) deep. The detector displays target depth with a 3-segment graphic depth indicator and it is calibrated to coin sized objects.
2.64-inch LCD Display: show the probable type of metal, the target depth with segment, battery condition, and overload warning. The backlight ON/OFF is available.
Discrimination Settings: when the detector is turned on, all three categories are enabled, meaning it will detect all metal targets. By pressing DISC you can eliminate target categories.
Applications: suitable for children to hunt for underground metal objects in the yard, grassland, and beach, or campus activities like summer camp, parent-child game, field exploration, science popularization activity, etc.

Material: ABS
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Overload Warning: Yes
Depth Indicator: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Discrimination Setting: Yes
Three-tone Audio: Low, medium, high
Three Metal Category: Ferrous, non-ferrous low conductor, non-ferrous high conductor
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA battery (NOT included)
Adjustable Height Range: 510~790mm / 20.08~31.10in
Search Coil Diameter: 173mm / 6.81in
Handle Length: 110mm / 4.33in
Item Weight: 524g / 18.49oz
Package Weight: 912g / 32.19oz
Package Size: 52.5 * 24 * 11cm / 20.67 * 9.4 * 4.33in

Packing List:
1 * Metal Detector
1 * Manual (English)

The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.