TIANXUN TX-850 Metal Detector with12 Inch Butterfly Search Coil Handheld Metal Detector Easy Installation High Sensitivity High Accuracy Metal Detecting Tool Jewelry Treasure Underground Gold Metal Finder Pinpointer for Adults and Kids


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TX-850 combination of high sensitivity to small go-ld nuggets and its versatile function as an all-purpose treasure detector. With this product, you can use it for metal detect, your investment will let you experience the excitement of searching for yet uncovered treasures and give you hours and years of outdoor enjoyment. Come on and try it.

Wild application: go-ld finding, desert detection, mili-tary use, safety inspection, archeology an so on.
LCD display: with LCD display screen, you can see the probable type of metal, the depth of the target, ran-ge of DISC & NOTCH, the level of SENS more clearly.
Pinpointing: pinpointing means the process of finding the exact location of an object buried. Buried for a long time, the metal looks exactly like the surrounding soil, making it difficult to separate it from the soil.
Ground balance – Ground balance is the detector's ability to ignore or "see through" minerals that naturally occur on earth, making sounds only when it detects metal objects.
Discrimination means when the detector emits different tones for different types of metals, and when the detector "eliminates" certain metals, it is called detector "Discriminating" among different types of metals.

Material: ABS+metal
Type: type1, type2 (optional)
Battery: 1 * 9V(6F22) battery(not included)
Operate frequency : 19KHz
Operating temperature: 14~122℃(-10~+50 ℉)
Operating humidity: 0~90%
Discrimination and ground balance: yes
Sensitivity> 250mm for a U-S quarter
Package size: 560 * 375 * 155mm / 22.0 * 14.8 * 6.1in
Package weight: (optional)
Type1: 2400g / 5.3lb
Type2: 3100g / 6.8lb

Packing list: (optional)
1 * Metal Detector Set
1 * Metal Detector Set
1 * Earphone
1 * Backpack