Touched Keys Multifunctional 12 Green Line Leveler


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This laser level can send out the visible laser horizontal line/vertical line of automatic leveling separately or simultaneously. It provides accurate horizontal/vertical reference for indoor construction lofting and calibration.

Three 360° lasers form 6 cross-laser-lines (12 lines).
Can be used both indoor and outdoor, you can choose continuous laser or pulsed laser.
≤3°, automatic leveling, > 3°, buzzer alarm.
Rotate 360 degrees of freedom.
IP54, waterproof and dustproof design.
It has a hard plastics housing to protect the laser beams and pendulum leveling system within.
Three touching buttons design, one OUTDOOR/Open button, one V button, and one H button, the oblique line, horizontal line and vertical line with a clear division.
The button is wear resistant, with high sensitive to switch the line mode quickly, and with comfortable hand feeling.
1/4" screw size for easy connection, it can be used with lifting platform to adjust the working height of the machine.

Main color: black
Main material: plastics+metal
Waterproof grade: IP54
Over-all accuracy: ±1mm / 7m
Leveling range: ± 3 °
Working range (Radius): 25m
Battery: 3.7V, 6000mAh
Working time: 8-12h
Item size: 115 * 110 * 100mm / 4.5 * 4.3 * 3.9in
Item weight: 567g / 1.2lb
Package size: 250 * 240 * 210mm / 9.8 * 9.4 * 8.3in
Package weight: 1443g / 3.2lb

Packing List:
1 * Laser Level
2 * Battery
1 * Power Cable
1 * Lifting Platform
1 * Wall Mounted Bracket
1 * Iron Board