Tuya wifi Intelligent Warm And Cold Cat Nest Air Conditioning Cat House


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This litter can be used all year round, not only as a litter but also as a healths monitor for you to take care of your cat.

Open cat litter, not easy to dump, cats will not have the risk of suffocation.
12.0V powers supplys, far lower than the safes voltage, more secure.
The phones tuya wifi APP can control the temperature and switch, as well as the pet's weight and length of times in the nest.
The cat grass ball on the nest is more attractive to the cat.
There are itching position, needle-brush soft and hard moderate, do not harm the cat's skin.
24 hours monitoring pet sleep time, care for the healths of the cat.
The cooling system has no noise and does not disturb the cat's sleep.
The felt pads and thermal conductive aluminum panels inside are of fine quality.

Model: DU – CN01
Color: white
Material: ABS
Connection: WIFI
Control mode: mobiles Tuya wifi APP 
Intelligent heating and cooling: APP controls the temperature
Weighing: built-in weight sensors to know the pet's weight at any times
Power supply: direct current 12.0V powers adapter
Item size: 480 * 460 * 150mm / 18.9 * 18.1 * 5.9in
Package size: 520 * 520 * 200mm / 20.1 * 20.1 * 7.9in
Package weight: 3500g / 7.7lb

Packing List:
1 * Heating Cat Litter