Ulanzi Camera Quick Release Plate Tripod Mount Base


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Standard Acra swiss mount interface is widely compatible ball head and tripod, quick to load and disassemble.
Detachable plate upon the Arca Swiss mount plate makes camera loading quicker, locked with dual side slides.
Bottom 7 1/4-inch threaded holes and top 1/4-inch screw enable high expandability with camera and tripod.
Thick high quality silicone on the gasket can increase the friction between equipment and plate to prevent slip.
Premium aluminum alloy material, compact and lightweight mount plate for ball head expansion.

Brand: Ulanzi
Model: CLAW
Material: Aluminum alloy
Payload: Max.50KG
Dimension: 4.7 * 4 * 2.7cm / 1.85 * 1.57 * 1.06in
Net Weight: 59g / 2.08oz

Packing List:
1 * Quick Release Plate