Ultrasonic Mice Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


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PHYSICAL REPELLING: This product adopts a physical ultrasonic method to drive mice away, low noise thus not affecting sleep. Moreover, its frequency can cover an area of about 80 meters in the empty environment in 180° multi-direction, making it more effective to repel pests.
FREQUENCY CONVERSION SYSTEM: When the ultrasonic mice repellent is powered on, the two frequencies of mosquito and rat repellent will exchange frequently, effectively improving the efficiency of insect repellent and rat repellent.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This product can inhibit a variety of pests, mainly used for repelling rats, but it can also inhibit mosquitoes, bees, bats and other pests.
PREMIUM-QUALITY MATERIAL: The ultrasonic car mice repellent is mainly made of high-quality ABS material, which is broken-resistant and durable, serving you for a long time.
HUMANE & SAFE: The mise repellent device, harmless and humane, is designed and developed for pest-sensitive frequency, environmentally friendly alternative to dangerous poisons and sprayers, chemicals and traps.

Product Name: Ultrasonic Mice Repellent
Optional Color: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green
Main Material: ABS
Voltage: AC 110-230V
Average Power Dissipation: ≤3W
Ultrasonic Frequency: 22-65KHz
Size: 10*6.8*6cm
Weight: 40g

Package Information:
Package Size: 2PCS: 13.8*6.7*6.5cm
Package Weight: 2PCS: 104g

Package List:
2*Ultrasonic Insects Repellent