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With this metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. Features of ALL METAL and DISC two modes, headphone jack design, waterproof search coil, volume adjustable, height adjustable, and more, the metal detector is versatile and easy to use.

2 Operation Modes: ALL METAL mode let you search for all different types of metal with auto ground balance and high sensitivity. DISC for discriminates what kind of metal is being detected.
Auto Ground Balance: both All metal and DISC mode come with auto ground balance, it is used to find not only ferrous metal, but also non-ferrous one.
3.5mm Earphone Jack: you can connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector so you can listen privately. Using earphones also saves battery power and makes it easier to identify subtle changes in the sounds you hear, for better detection results.
Volume Adjustable: to adjust the volume level of speaker and headphones.
View Meter and Pointer: the meter pointer swings to the right if metal is found.
Waterproof Search Coil: 7.9-inch round high sensitivity coil allows you to search for metal objects under shallow water.(Control housing is NOT waterproof)
Height Adjustable: the stem of the detector is adjustable for comfortable operation according to the operator's height.

Material: ABS
Power Supply: 2 * 9V 6F22 battery (NOT included)
Searching Coil Diameter: 200mm / 7.87in
Adjustable Height: 830-1130mm / 32.68 * 44.49in
Item Weight: 679g / 23.95oz
Package Weight: 1374g / 48.49oz
Package Size: 54.5 * 22 * 11cm / 21.46 * 8.66 * 4.33in

Packing List:
1 * Control Unit
1 * Armrest
1 * Handle
1 * Extension Rod
1 * Searching Coil
1 * Manual (English)