UNI-T A37 Carbon Dioxide Monitor Portable CO2 Meter with 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery High Accuracy CO2 Detector for Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Monitor


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High accuracy and high stable carbon dioxide monitor for real time detecting CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, also display current time and date, really multifunctional and practical to get one.

3-inch HD Large LCD Screen Display: simultaneously display CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity, date and time.
Audio and Visual Alarm: the CO2 data will upgrade every 3 seconds, once it exceed 1000ppm, it will make sounds and the backlight will turn red.
Air Quality is Indicated with Emoticons: according to the CO2 concentration, there are 6 kind of emotion icons to indicate the current air quality.
NDIR Infrared Sensor Adopted: professional non-dispersive infrared(NDIR) provide fast and high accuracy measurement results.
Rechargeable Battery Power Supply: 1500mAh great capability 3.7V polymer lithium battery, and built-in with power protection chip to ensure security.
Automatic and Manual Calibration Function: perfect for various working environments and conditions.
Wide Applications: can be used in homes, shopping malls, offices, vehicles, stations, laboratory, cleanroom, greenhouse, CO2 storage room, and more.

Material: ABS
CO2 Range: 400~5000ppm
CO2 Resolution: 1ppm
CO2 Accuracy: ±(5%rdg+50ppm) (at normal temp.&humidity, 400~2000ppm)
Temperature Range: -10~50℃
Temperature Resolution: ±1℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
Humidity Range: 0%~99%RH
Humidity Resolution: 1%RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±5%RH at 25℃ (10%~99%RH)
Working Environment: 0~50℃, 0%~85%RH
Storage Environment: -20~60℃, 0%~95%RH
Sensor: NDIR CO2 sensor
Respond Time: <2 minutes
ABC: Automatic baseline calibration
Power Supply: 3.7V 1500mAh rechargeable battery or USB power supply
Screen Size: 76.3 * 25.4mm / 3.00 * 1.00in
Item Size: 130 * 75 * 55mm / 5.12 * 2.95 * 2.17in
Item Weight: 195g / 6.88oz

Packing List:
1 * CO2 Monitor
1 * USB Cable