UNI-T UT61D+ Digital Multimeter Auto Range High Precision Professional NCV Tester True RMS Multimeter Multifunctional Tester Electric Measuring Instrument Support Data Transmission Temperature Measurement


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The UT61B+/UT61D+/UT61E+ is a handheld true RMS digital multimeter with high reliability and security (UT61B+/UT61D+: 6000 counts; UT61E+: 22000 counts). It features large screen, high resolution analog pointer display and full scale overload protection. The meter can measure AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, diode, transistor hFE (UT61E+), continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio, temperature (UT61D+), etc. Loaded with functions like data transmission, data hold, relative value measurement, peak measurement (UT61D+/UT61E+), internal temperature alarm, low battery indication, backlight, auto power off, and NCV, it is an ideal measuring tool for many application fields.

UT61D+ can measure multiple parameters, including DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, diodes, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, temperature, and carry out NCV detection and continuity test.
Equipped with large LCD display with backlight which shows 6000 counts clear readings, easy to read.
Ergonomically designed with kickstand for convenient use and the rubber case makes it durable for long time use.
Comes with a protective rubber case to ensure durability, two test leads slots for better storage, and a kickstand to help the device to stand freely.
Supports data transmission via the USB cable provided, more practical and useful.
Provides buzzer alarm and indicator light for voltage and current measurement, diodes and continuity test, and NCV detection.
Ideal tool for home circuit installation, electronics repair, electrical facilities maintenance, automobile repair, home appliances repair.

Brand: UNI-T
Model: UT61B+/ UT61D+ / UT61E+(Optional)
Material: ABS

Model UT61B+ UT61D+ UT61E+
AC voltage (V) 60mV~1000V; ±(1.0%+3) 60mV~1000V; ±(1.0%+3) 200mV~1000V; ±(0.8%+10)
DC voltage (V) 60mV~1000V; ±(0.5%+3) 60mV~1000V; ±(0.5%+3) 200mV~1000V; ±(0.05%+5)
AC current (A) 600μA~10A; ±(1.2%+5) 600μA~20A; ±(1.2%+5) 220μA~20A; ±(0.8%+10)
DC current (A) 600μA~10A; ±(1.0%+2) 600μA~20A; ±(1.0%+2) 220μA~20A; ±(0.5%+10)
Resistance (Ω) 600Ω~60MΩ; ±(1.0%+2) 600Ω~60MΩ; ±(1.0%+2) 220Ω~220MΩ; ±(0.5%+10)
Capacitance (F) 60nF~60mF; ±(3.0%+5) 60nF~60mF; ±(3.0%+5) 22nF~220mF; ±(3.0%+5)
Frequency (Hz) 10Hz~10MHz; ±(0.1%+4) 10Hz~10MHz; ±(0.1%+4) 10Hz~220MHz; ±(0.01%+5)
Duty cycle (%) 0.1%~99.9%; ±(2.0%+5)
NCV >100V
Temperature N/A -40℃~1000℃; ±(1.0%+3)
-40℉~1832℉; ±(1.0%+6)
Display count 6000 6000 22000
Auto/manual range
Analog bar 31 31 46
True RMS
Frequency response 40Hz~500Hz 40Hz~1KHz 40Hz~10KHz
LPF(Low pass filter) N/A N/A
LoZ V~
(Low impedance measurement)
Diode test
Triode test N/A N/A
Auto shut down About 15 mins
On-off measurement <50Ω buzzer sound, ≥70Ω buzzer sound
Low voltage indicator
Data hold/relative value
Max/Min value
Peak measurement N/A     √
USB data transmission
LCD backlight
Safety ratings CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V
Power 1.5V AAA battery (R03) x 4 (Not included)

Item Size: 87 * 50 * 180mm / 3.42 * 1.96 * 7.08in
Item Weight: 326g / 11.49oz
Package Weight: 694g / 24.48oz
Package Size: 25 * 17 * 7cm / 9.84 * 6.69 * 2.75in

Packing List:
1 * UT61D+ Multimeter
1 * Test Leads
1 * USB cable
1 * K-type thermocouple
1 * User Manual (English)