Universal Digital Battery Tester Checker For All Battery C, AA, AAA, D, N, 9V 6F22 and 1.5V button cell batteries Electrical Equipment (Requires No Battery for Operation)


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The battery tester detects the battery power at a second speed, and the battery is no longer wasted.
There are many batteries at home. It's easy to tell whether there is electricity or not! Just buy a battery tester and go home.
No need to install the battery, no need to use the battery to detect the battery power, which is very convenient and easy to use.
Push and pull the handle up and down, easy to operate, and can be extended to 90mm at most.
LCD screen. Clear display without parallax.
Various battery models can measure the power of various batteries to meet your multi-functional needs.

Package Size:6*6*3cm
Package Weight:30g

Package List:
1xDigital Battery Tester