Upgraded Second-Generation Round Neodymium Fishing-Magnets(Double-sided-Magnetic)Combined 200/300/400/600/1000KG Pulling Force


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Strong double sided pulling force neodymium-magnet.
Designed for heavy duty and underwater application, perfect for lifting or recovering lost ferrous objects under water.
The traction force will be influenced by kinds of factors: the material's material, effective contact area, the softness of the surface, temperatures, thickness, etc., its quality(eg rust delivery), its size(thickness plus total area), etc.
The big-magnet is strong, need to be handled with care, fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attract-magnets.
Strong-magnetic attraction and easy to carry.

Diameter/Pull force: 48mm(200kg), 60mm(300kg), 75mm(400kg), 94mm(600kg), 116mm(1000kg)(optional)
Length of rope: 10M
Package weight: 48mm: 550g/1.21pounds
                60mm: 934g/2.05pounds   
                75mm: 1300g/2.86pounds  
                94mm: 1950g/4.29pounds   
                116mm: 3150g/6.94pounds
Package size: 150*150*150mm/5.9*5.9*5.9inches

Package list:
1 * Fishing-magnet  
1 * The-ring
1 * Rope
1 * Carabiner clip