V-A-S 6154 WIFI Version V5.1.3 Full Chip OKI ODIS V-A-S 6154 Diagnostic Scanner Tool


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The V-A-S 6154, WIFI version, OKI chip, is practial diagnostic scanner tool for V-W for A-u-d-i.

Uses the new cordless communication WLAN technology, replaces the remote diagnostic head V-A-S 5054A and the diagnostic interface V-A-S 5055 for cordless data transmission from the vehicle diagnostic interface. 
At the same time, the V-A-S 6154 supports USB module transmission to ensure the reliability of the diagnostic interface data transmission.
In the infrastructure (server mode / network mode / general) mode, multiple network-enabled devices can be connected together (network users).
Point-to-point connection: Via WLAN, V-A-S 6154 establishes a cordless local area network as a cordless access point to implement point-to-point transmission of diagnostic unit and diagnostic interface data.
One-click easy installation.

Model: V-A-S 6154
Type: 6154, 5054A (optional)
Voltage: 12V
Energy: Through the vehicle connector 8-18V
Output: approx. 5W
Temperature Range: -20 ° C to + 85 ° C storage, -20 ° C to + 40 ° C operation
PC Interface (wired): USB 2.0 high-speed, 480 Mbit / s or quick Ethernet, 100Mbit / s (via LAN module)
PC Interface (cordless): WLAN 802.11 ab / b / g / n 2T2R 300 Mbit / s client mode (WPA2 EAP-TLS, WPA2 PSK), AP mode (WPA2 PSK)
Package Weight: 300g / 10.58ounces
Package Size: 120 * 100 * 40mm / 4.72 * 3.94 * 1.57in

Updated data bag of some car models.
Fixed some bugs.
It is one-click installation, so any customer can install it soon.
It supports 9 car models.
It is with keygen, no need for activation.
Support engineer version.

1. Uninstall the anti-virus software on your computer. Please note that it is not just an exit, it is uninstalled. Anti-virus software will force the removal of some of programs.
2. Installation instructions: included in the download link. Software 13.3G.
3. One-click installation will follow the default language of the computer system to install, tested, English can be used.
4. 6154 equipment, need to send the driver to the customer after installing the software, not connected absolutely no driver.
5. Only support for WIN7, for WIN10 system, for XP and for WIN8 do not support, the lowest computer configuration: memory 4G, for WIN7 32 bit.
6. This software conflicts with other PC-side diagnostic software, it is recommended that the client computer do not install other software. If the computer has other software, it may cause the software to encounter an error during the installation process: Detect Exist ODIS.

At present, V-A-S 6154 has been granted the right to use the cordless network in the following countries: 
A, AUS, B, BIH, BR, CDN, CH, CY, CZ, D, DK, E, EST, F, FIN, GB, GR, H, HK, I, IL, IND, IRL, L, LT, LV, M, MEX, N, NL, NZ, P, PL, RA, RC, ROK, RUS, S, SGP, SK, TR, UA, UAE, U-S-A.

Product and service description:
Software version: ODIS 4.33
Function: It can read, clear, dynamic data, computer programming, coding and personalization of all new and old V-W A-u-d-i models, including maintenance information system, technical notification, circuit diagram, component drawing, diagnostic guide, etc.

Package List:
1 * V-A-S 6154 Main Unit
1 * USB Cable
4 * C-D Software