Venom Extractor Pump Vacuum Aspirator First Aid Kits


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The Venom Extractor Kit is a good outdoors equipment in emergency situations.
Effective retrieval of venom from body parts outside the limbs and muscle areas.
2 sizes of plastic cups are available for effective inhalation of various thorns or bite sizes.
Suitable for emergency treatment of snakes, bees,wasps,spiders, scorpions, cockroaches and mosquito etc.
Compact and highly portable. It comes in a hard-shell case.
Material: ABS,PP
Pump size: 10.7*5.8cm/4.2*2.3in
Small suction cup size: 1.5*4.5cm/0.6*1.8in
Big suction cup size: 2*4.5cm/0.8*1.8in
Package size: 12*11*5cm/4.7*4.3*2in
Package weight: 200g/7.1oz
Package List:
1* Suction pump
2* Suction cups
2* Iodine cotton pads
2* Alcohol cotton pads
1* Tourniquet
1* Storage case