VINYL MUSIC ON VMO-014 Classic Vinyl Record Player Turntable


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Belt-driven system, 2-speed turntable with durable stylus cartridge and stable platter plays your favorite 33/45 RPM vinyl records and albums.
Dual External Turntable Speakers with Amplifier– connect the turntable player to the active powered loud speakers via the color coded audio cables and enjoy the sound at ease.
Turntable Player support wireless BT connection, which enables you to wirelessly playback the music from your smartphone, tablet and other BT enabled devices.
Vinyl Record Player can be used as a playing source by connecting your own speaker system to the RCA port with a RCA-3.5mm audio cable (not included), so you can enjoy the music of the vinyl record at your own speaker system.
Classic and compact record player with unique modern appearance. Suitable for many occasions such as cafe, dining room, record store.

Model: VMO-014
Turntable Speed: 33/45 RPM Vinyl Records
Audio Output: RCA Output Jack (not including RCA cable)
BT Playback Function: Support (Playback your device)
Turntable Size: 41 * 33.8 *  6.2cm / 16.1 * 13.3 * 2.4inch
Speaker Size: 12 * 20 * 15.5cm / 4.7 * 7.9 * 6.1inch

Package Size: 70.3 * 49.3 * 23.2cm / 27.7 * 19.4 * 9.1inch
Package Weight: 5880g / 207.4oz

Getting Started:
1. Connect the external speaker cables from the External Speaker Jack on the back of the unit to each speaker.
Note:The external speaker cables are color coded, the red cable is plugged into a red jack on both the unit and speakers (black cable into the black jacks).
2. Firmly and securely insert the DC plug of the adaptor to the DC IN Jack on the back of the unit. Plug the adaptor's AC plugs into a power outlet.
3. Turn on the unit by switching the Power On/Off Switch to the On Position. The Power Led Light Indicator will turn on.

When playing a 45 rpm record, use the 45 rpm adapter included in the accessory bag.
Do not touch the needle tip with your fingers; avoid bumping the needle against the turntable platter or record edge.
Frequently clean the needle tip — use a soft brush in a "back-to-front" motion only.
Gently wipe the turntable housing with a soft cloth. Use only a small amount of mild detergent to clean the turntalbe.

Packing List:
1 * Vinyl Turntable Player
1 * Power Line
1 * Felt Pad
1 * 45 RPM Adapter
2 * External Speakers
2 * External Speaker Cables
1 * User Manual