VU Meter 2 Pcs Power Amplifier Portable DB Meter High Precision VU Meter with White Backlight Sound Level Meter with Driver Board


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VU meter made of premium material and selected top quality electronic parts. Equipped with back light for convenient use.

VU meter with driver boards, moisture-proof adjustable resistor, long service life.
With back light allows you to use it at ease even in the dark environment.
It can be connected directly to the amplifier output.
Premium material case and selected top quality electronic parts.
Widely used in audio recorder equipment. High accuracy and stable performance.

Material: ABS + Metal + PC + PMMA + Electronic Component
Color: Black
Type: Yellow Backlight / White Backlight (Optional)
Quality: 2 Pcs
Input: 6-12V 55mA
Measuring Range: 0-500μA
DC Internal Resistance: 650Ω ± 10%
Insulation Resistance: Above 50Ω
Accuracy: ± 5%
Light: DC 12V LED
Pointer Direction: From Left to Right
Working Direction: Vertical
Pointer Length: 21.5 ± 1mm
Pointer Width: 0.45 ± 1mm
Item Size: 4.5 * 4.7 * 4.5cm / 1.8 * 1.9 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 90g / 3.17oz
Package Size: 11.5 * 6.0 * 5.5cm / 4.5 * 2.4 * 2.2in
Package Weight: 108g / 3.82oz

Package List:
2 * UV Meter with Driver