vxmba Podcast Live Broadcast Equipment Professional Condenser Microphone


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Condenser Microphone: can be used on any types of sound cards, whether independent or integrated sound card can produce a pleasant sounds.
Live Sound Card: dual DSP smart core for arithmetic processing of various complex sound effects, intelligent compatible with mobile phone, laptop, computer, smart television.
Microphone Pop Filter Shield Screen: helps to filter pops, hisses and thuds to produce great quality recordings.
Microphone Windscreen: sound-absorbing cotton for noise reduction, and protect microphone from dust and saliva.
Microphone Shock Mount: perfectly fit the microphone, help to eliminate noise , prevent vibration and shocking, and protects the microphone all-around during recording.
Cantilever Bracket with Table Clamp: sturdy construction, height and angle can be flexible adjusted at the position you want, C-clamp for mounting it on the table stably.
Professional Podcast Equipment: plug and play, easy to use, which is suitable for podcast, live broadcast, voice chat, recording, karaoke, etc.

Material: Metal
Sound Card: 3.7V, 1200mAh lithium battery
Item Weight: 1350g / 47.62oz
Package Weight: 1650g / 58.20oz
Package Size: 42 * 21 * 7cm / 16.54 * 8.27 * 2.76in

Packing List:
1 * Cantilever Support
1 * Sound Card
1 * USB Mic
1 * Mic Clip
1 * Base
1 * Microphone Shock Mount
1 * Microphone Pop Filter
1 * Microphone Windscreen
1 * XLR Cable
3 * USB Cable