WEST BIKING Reflective Cycling Cushion Shock Absorption Soft Seats Thickened Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle


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This kind of bicycle cushion is comfortable and soft, which conforms to the ergonomic design. The hollow design in the middle reduces the sense of pressure and is suitable for long-distance riding.

Even in rainy days, just wipe the rain with paper and starts riding again.
The combination of double shock-absorbing ball at the bottom has better shock absorption effect.
Riding at night, not afraid of the darkness of night. It can reflect light.
Hollow design. No boring sweat, free riding.
Non-slip, breathable, making riding more comfortable.
The hollow design in the middle improves the riding comfort of users.

The noctilucent seats needs to be exposed to the outside light for a while to absorb the light, and will automatically light up at night. It wouldn't have come on at night if it hadn't absorbed light

Color: black reflect light, black night light (optional)
Material: PU+ sponge
Item size: 250 * 220mm / 9.8 * 8.7in
Package size: 270 * 230 * 115mm / 10.6 * 9.1 * 4.5in
Package weight: 770g / 1.7lb

Packing List:
1 * Bike Saddle