Weytoll Multifunctional 16 Lines Level Tool Vertical Horizontal Crossline APP Remote Control with Self-leveling Function


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This is a kind of fine quality level instrument, 4D 16 lines for finer positioning, with self-leveling system, flexibility and stability. With vertical and horizontal laserlines, convenience to use. It is perfect for a variety of uses, including flooring, tile layout, paneling, wallpapering, stenciling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, socket and switch layout, wall stud layout and partition installation. You can have a try.

4D 16 lines for finer positioning, with self-leveling system, flexibility and stability.
Self-leveling function can conquer small rugged place such as 3°, over 3° the laser light will keep blinking to remind you to put it on a flat place.
Alarm function beyond the saftey r-ange.
The magnetic-damping compensation system ensures quick levelling time.
1/4" screw size for easy connection, it can be used with tripod to adjust the working height of the machine.
A 360° horizontal line can be drawn on the wall.
Two vertical lines can be drawn on the wall.
Leaning function, it can be applied in a leaning position like upstairs building.
With 7mm wall mounted distance, general for indoor and outdoor use.
Three touching buttons design, one OUTDOOR/Open button, one V button, and one H button, the slashline, horizontal line and vertical line with a clear division.(OUT= slashline)
Comes with one remote controller, A=vertical line, B=horizontal line.
Scaning QR code on the back of remote controller to download phone APP, convenient to control the level machine.
Connect the APP through BT, also has electric quantity display and voice control function.
The button is wear resistant, with high sensitive to switch the line mode quickly, and with comfortable hand feeling.
Easy to carry with the case, providing quick and convenient mobility and storage.
The tripod stand is made of thicken aluminium alloy material, firm with fine load-bearing, not easy to deformed and not easy to break.
Three heights adjustable, you can adjust according to your demands easily.
Equipped with bubble-level to help you to check whether the tripod is horizontal or not.
Equipped with rocking bar to adjust to height of the tripod, smooth and effort saving.
With fixed plectrum to control to extend length to lock it tightly.
Suitable to most of laser level with 5/8" interface.
Note: Please do not let the laser line shoot to your eyes directly.

Name: Laser Level
Main material: plastics+metal
Battery: 2 * 3.7V, 2400mAh battery (included, you will find there are two 18650 batteries inside if disassemble it)
Laser ray: 360°* 4, 16 lines
Wavelength: green light 532nm
Horizontal/vertical accuracy: ±0.2mm/10m
Self-levelling-range: ±3°
Waterproof grade: IP54
Working-range: about 25m in diameter
Working time: about 5 hours
Green light working temperature: -5℃ to  50℃
Level machine size: 103 * 114 * 121mm / 4.06 * 4.49 * 4.76in
Bag size: 220 * 135 * 160mm / 8.66 * 5.31 * 6.30in
Tripod stand size: 560 * 105 * 90mm / 22.05 * 4.13 * 3.54in
Item weight: 1376g / 3.03lb
Package size: 210 * 160 * 250mm / 8.27 * 6.30 * 9.84in
Package weight: 1562g / 3.44lb

Packing List:
1 * Level Machine
1 * Lifting Platform
1 * Mini Remote Controller
1 * Wall Mounted Bracket
1 * Clip
1 * Iron Board
1 * 1/4" to 5/8" Adapter
1 * Power Cable
1 * Carrying Bag
1 * Tripod Stand
1 * Manual