Wine Glass Holder Winter Snowman Christmas Dwarf Santa Festival Winebottle Decoration Wine Glass Bracket


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Delicate Christmas wine glass holder, cute cartoon snowman, dwarf and santa, durable iron material, stable multi-layer spiral design, easy to install and remove, hold glass without shaking, delicate practical.

Cute cartoon snowman, dwarf and santa shape wine glass bracket.
Multi-layer spiral design to fix, detachable arm is easy to install and remove, suitable for most winebottle size.
Durable iron material, large bearing capacity, wear-resistant, deformless.
Surface spray painting process, long-lasting bright color, anti-rust.
Smooth polished surface, no burrs to prevent accidental scratches on bottles and hands.
Scientific design of wine cup position and space, stable not shaking, anti-slip.

Shape: White Snowman, Red Dwarf , Red Santa (optional)
Material: Iron
Features: Multi-Layer Spiral Design, Prevent Shaking
Purpose: Wine Glass Holder 
Package Weight: 200g / 7.05ounces
Package Size: 250 * 220 * 30mm / 9.84 * 8.66 * 1.18in

Packing List:
1 * Wine Glass Holder