Wood Frame Decorative Painting


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If you like to explore the secrets of the universe, want to understand the unknown world, then this series of cosmic decorative paintings will be your perfect choice.

It combines space, art and technology with a sense of the future, allowing people to get closer to the universe.
Circular adornment picture can bring different adornment result for your home.
The background is pure black, showing the difference of the universe.
The frame is made of solid wood, which is processed by a complicated high-temperature drying process to enhance the overall flexibility of the wood.Not easy to fracture and deformation, strong and corrosion resistant.
Painting core selection of fine quality canvas production, strong, scratch resistant.
The design is painted by the environmental protection high-precision spray technology, non-toxic, not easy to fade.
The back board is waterproof and moisture-proof, which can resist damp weather.

Item type: Painting
Material: Wood
Selection style: 10 kinds of types
Selection size: 300mm, 500mm, 700mm(optional)
Package weight: 300mm: 850g/1.87pounds
                500mm: 1960g/4.32pounds               
                700mm: 3600g/7.93pounds   
                4PCS: 6410g/14.1pounds  
Package size: 300mm: 370*370*70mm/14.5*14.5*2.75inches
              500mm: 560*560*70mm/22*22*2.75inches                  
              700mm: 760*760*70mm/29.9*29.9*2.75inches   
              4PCS: 760*760*280mm/29.9*29.9*11inches    
Package list:
1 * Painting