Xiaomi Youpin Muggle Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush Corded Handheld Cyclonic Filtration System with HEPA Filter 10000 PA Powerful Suction UV Light


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-120W high-power motor and high frequency vibration up to 8500 cycle/min, beating out the deep dust and bacteria, the vuccum cleaner thorough can clean them all. Suitable for sheets and bedding.
-Centrifugal Cyclone Filtration System help to effectively capture tiny debris on the fabric surface, ensuring that the discharged air contains no allergens High-Efficiency particulate air.
-Inductive UV sterilization lamp. Intelligent electronic control induction to prevent UV leakage, protecting your eyesight, and emits 253.7nm UV, which  can sterilizer deeply
-HEPA Filter suck particles as small as 0.3 microns to releases the fresh air. 0.5L large separated dust bin, three-stage exhaust filter set, washable and repeated use
-Wireless design: 1.15kg, ergonomic handle, lightweight and portable
Product name: Muggle Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
Model: MM6
Rated power: 120W
Working power: 16.8V
Size: 250*298*200mm
Vacuum degree: 10000Pa
Dust capacity: 0.5L
Last time: Powerful model >20min  Durable model≥40 min
Package size: 26*30*21cm/10.23*11.81*8.26oz
Package weight: 2280g/80.48oz
Package list:
1 * Vacuum Cleaner

1 * Charging Storage Stand
1 * Charger