Xiaomi youpin Petkit Smart Deodorizer Negative-Ions Generator Mini Air Purifier Eliminate Fecal Odor Anti-Bacterial Infrared Induction Sensor 2 Modes


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Xiaomi Petkit Smart Pet Deodorizer Harmless Remove odor Sterilizer Deodorizer Odor Eliminator Pet Air Purifier Multi Freshener

Description :
PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Solid Air Freshener Pet Deodorizer Indoor Odor Removal Dog Urine Smell Cat Litter With Smart Sensor Home Air Purifiers
– Innovative Automatic Spray Mode
Induction of pets' entry and exit times through infrared sensors, active injection of net taste molecules and negative ions

– Simultaneous Odor And Bacteriostatic
In-line composite plant filter element, releasing net taste molecules to capture the odor in the air – ammonia, hydrogen sulfide molecules
 - Safe And Healthy Clean Taste
A net taste filter made from a variety of natural plant solids condensed, it is very safe and healthy for humans and pets.
 - Long-Lasting Clean Taste
The filter element is small in size and can work 360+ times automatically, and lasts for 90 days.
– Bacteriostatic And Clean Air
Negative ion emitters release charged particles, which can break the hydrogen bond of harmful substances, while adsorbing tiny dust and granular suspended matter, inhibiting bacteria and reducing dust and purifying air.
 - Intelligent Working Mode
With timely inductive deodorization and timed intermittent spray mode, 24 hours a day to purify the air

Brand:PETKIT (XIAOMI Cooperation Brand)
Color :White
Working Current: 0.5A
Working Voltage:4.5V
Battery Use:3*AAA batteries (no included)
Size:164 x 40 x 32mm

Package List :
1 x Smart Pet Deodorizer