Xiaomi Youpin Xiaolang Smart Laundry Disinfection Dryer


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The 360° air outlet keeps the air flowing inside the machine unobstructed, effectively discharging the odor on the clothes, and the bottom aromatherapy box makes your clothes more fragrant.Bring convenience to your family,so don’t hesitate, buy it now!
Triple layers sterilization
UV sterilization, pasteurization and ozone sterilization, no stimulation residue, make clothes cleaner and avoid secondary pollution.In the process of drying, the bacteria are sterilized by removing ultraviolet rays, so that the bacteria virus is far away from you and your child.
360° Cycle Hot Air
The 360° soft air circulation heats up, and the heat flow fills the entire drying environment, making the clothes more supple and comfortable while drying.
75 ° C Drying
75 ° C constant temperature dry clothes, absorb moisture to gently dry the clothes, to minimize the wear and tear of clothing, not to hurt the clothes.
35L Capacity
35L large capacity, efficient to meet the needs of the whole family, clothing vertical drying more efficient.
Simple operation 
Touch screen operation, drying, sterilization, self-cleaning, one-button operation, easy to use.
650W Rated Power
The rated power of 650W, dry clothes only 0.5-3 hours, less than 1°in two hours. Energy saving does not require electricity, and enjoys dryness and softness throughout the year.
Open the cover automatically, stop the UV accidental injury, and gurantee whole family safely.
Product name: Xiaolang Smart Laundry Disinfection Dryer 
Model: HD-YWHL01
Rated voltage: 220V
(please confirm whether you can use the voltage or not in your country, thank you)
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 650W
Capacity: 35L
Weight: 7.6kg
Size: 320*320*680mm
Package size: 74*37.4*37.4cm/29.13*14.72*14.72in
Package weight: 8000g/282.19oz

Package list:
1 * clothes dryer