YouSu PETG Filament 3D Printer Filaments 1.75 MM Dimensional Accuracy High Tenacity 3D Printing Consumables 1KG Spool Green


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Adopting the food grade PETG particles as raw material, the PETG filament is smokeless and odourless while using.
Compared to PC and Acrylic, the PETG filament features shorter molding cycle, lower application temperature and higher yield, suitable for manufacturing products of complex modeling.
The PETG filament features strong resistance of acid and alkali, excellent anti-impact, high resistance to stress and high transparency.
High tenacity — the PETG filament sheet has sufficient bearing capacity during processing, transporting and using, helpful to prevent from breakage.
Made of high-purity raw materials instead of those waste recycled materials, these 3D filament can be used smoothly without clogging.
Perfect printing effect — the model printed out has smooth surface and precise color, instead of warping edge and bubbles.
Widely available — fit for RepRap, Makertbot, Ultimaker, Up!, Makergear,CUBEX and more 3D printers.

Material: PTEG
Color: Green/ Black/ Blue/ Yellow/ White/ Red/ Nature (optional)
Section Shape: Circle
Diameter: 1.75mm (±0.03mm)
Density: 1.04(g/cm3)
Apply for: 3D Printer
Print Temperature: 200℃~250℃
Item Length: 400m / 15748in (1 spool)
Item Weight: 1000g / 35.27oz (1 spool)
Package Size: 20 * 20 * 7.3cm / 7.87 * 7.87 * 2.87in
Package Weight: 1350g / 47.62oz

Package List:
1 * PETG Filament